Through the movement of the human body and electrical stimulation, muscles of the arms and legs are activated. The contraction is detected by the sensors and the signal is processed for the synthesizer.

Furthermore, the pulse is detected by the sensors. This parameter are strongly dependent on the personal condition of the actor. and are especially difficult to control in stressful situations. This value is beyond the artist's control, he can only try to control the pulse rate by breathing to regulate the pulse frequency and thus the sound image. The technique used in CVG/CVF is to be understood as a supplement, extension and extension of the human body. An external organ for the which gives the artist acoustic feedback about certain states of his body. As the technology is not a permanent part of the body, the machine is only wired to the the body and is thus spatially separated, the situation is more reminiscent of a human human being in an experimental laboratory than of an independent subject that combines organic and technical components. The term cyborg refers an extension of the human being by the machine which does not fundamentally organism of the human being, but rather to be added to it. The machine has at no time control over the human body, it follows the signals of the organism. The artist reacts to the acoustic feedback and can try to synchronize his body accordingly. In the world of modular synthesizers, random generators are used to create rhythms or melodies. These unexpected events the composer can pick up and process them. In CVG/CVF the human body takes over this function, the organism as a generator of random signals is part of the composition. The work with a modular synthesizer and the urge to work performatively with the body to with the body in order to explore personal boundaries are the basis for the development of this experiment.

This project is subject to constant change: On the one hand the performance is developed further, on the other hand the modular synthesizer is a flexible instrument which grows and individual modules are exchanged again and again.



03.09.2022   Klangmanifeste, Lindabrunn (NÖ)

14.06.2022   TimeOut.11, Ars Electronica Center Linz


10.09.2021 Sound Campus, Linz (OÖ)

01.07.2021 Kunstuniversität Linz (OÖ)




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