Standlight deals with the transformation of spaces through light projections.

With slide projectors, surfaces of buildings are illuminated. Layer by layer, motifs and objects are arranged and a static collage is created. In this way, distances or proportions can be changed and spaces can be perceived in a completely new way. Irritation and loss of orientation are welcome side effects.

Predominantly Carousel slide projectors from Kodak and Elmo are used.



14.09.2019 Legendary, Böllerbauer Haag /NÖ

13.09.2019 Positive Vibrations, Böllerbauer Haag /NÖ


25.12.2018 Local Heroes, Böllerbauer Haag /NÖ

01.09.2018 Positive Vibrations, Bäckerberg Scharnstein /OÖ

31.08.2018 Positive Vibrations, Bäckerberg Scharnstein /OÖ


31.10.2017 Halloween, Röda Steyr /OÖ

22.07.2017 Auf der Alm da gibt’s an Synth, Hohe Dirn Losenstein /OÖ

10.03.2017 Playground Female Night Club, Spielplatz Linz /OÖ


12.11.2016 Bass&Haze, Röda Steyr /OÖ

25.10.2016 Pressure Festival, Wurmgelände Neumarkt /OÖ

08.10.2016 Vinylauslese, Casinosäle Steyr /OÖ

21.05.2016 Wahlspruch, Ortszentrum Haag /NÖ

05.03.2016 Vinylauslese, Casinosäle Steyr /OÖ


05.12.2015 Momentum, Cembran Linz /OÖ

04.12.2015 Launch-Control, Cembran Linz /OÖ

28.11.2015 Bass&Haze, Röda Steyr /OÖ

20.11.2015 Psytrance Upperaustria, Cembran Linz /OÖ

14.03.2015 Casino Fatale, Casinosäle Steyr /OÖ

14.02.2015 Elektro Guzzi, Röda Steyr /OÖ


31.12.2014 Silvester, Cembran Linz /OÖ

09.08.2014 Delicate Electric, Homebaze Schlüsselberg /OÖ

17.05.2014 Psy@May, Amstetten /NÖ

16.05.2014 Psy@May, Amstetten /NÖ

09.05.2014 Birthday Madness, Haibach /OÖ

21.03.2014 Böllerpowerfest, Böllerbauer Haag /NÖ

01.03.2014 Rambazamba, Röda Steyr /OÖ

12.02.2014 80 Jahre Februaraufstand, Steyr /OÖ


08.12.2012 EINS, Böllerbauer Haag /NÖ

10.11.2012 Rambazamba, Röda Steyr /OÖ

08.09.2012 Legendary, Böllerbauer Haag /NÖ

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