Association for the promotion of sound art and artistic experiments

Tresor Linz is a vaulted cellar of about 100 square meters located at the main square of Linz. It is characterized by its extraordinary location, acoustics, its former purpose (vault of a bank) and its age. It is a space for experimentation and for strengthening the independent art and cultural scene in Linz.

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Tresor Linz Dorf TV


25.01.2022    Cancelled but not cancelled – Vivid Q


21.12.2021    Cancelled but not cancelled – Ernst Lima
30.11.2021    Cancelled but not cancelled – KMT
19.10.2021    Cancelled but not cancelled – Subletvis
28.09.2021    Cancelled but not cancelled – BIMM
08.06.2021    Cancelled but not cancelled – Cordula Bösze and Wolfgang Fuchs
11.05.2021    Cancelled but not cancelled – Daphne X - Błażej Kotowski & Razieh Kooshki
30.03.2021    Cancelled but not cancelled – chra
13.03.2021    Szene Panorama 3: Tresor Linz at Kunsthalle Linz


22.12.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Abu GabiI
15.12.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Abby Lee Tee
08.12.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Fabian Schober
15.11.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Mudaki
01.09.2020 – 12.09.2020    Sounding Linz, Klangwolke20, Klangmarkierung Tresor Linz
18.08.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Fall Into Dry Lungs
04.08.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Fatomas
21.07.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Abrupt
07.07.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Mala Herba
23.06.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Jakob Gnigler
09.06.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – RS Prototypes
26.05.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Stefan Tiefengraber - AG-MX70 DDX3216 #2
12.05.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Reinhard Reisenzahn
05.05.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Schlagzeug und Computer
28.04.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – drkmbnt
21.04.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – States of Clay - Jona
14.04.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Vincent Caspar Böhm, Mascha Illich
07.04.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Jens Vetter - Bureaumaschine
31.03.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – RGBastler, Sebastian Six
24.03.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Morast and Pixelkino
20.03.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Stefan Tiefengraber - WM_EX10 ... 
17.03.2020    Cancelled but not cancelled – Renzo Fillinich, OOTCZ
22.02.2020    Artist Talk – couch


12.12.2019    Der Warst, Patricia Cadavid H.
19.11.2019    Folge Ton #3 w/ Gerri Jäger,
24.10.2019    Canned Fit & Petek GMBH Mikko Savela Paul Gründorfer
04.10.2019    Folge Ton #2 w/ Echo Ho, Gregor Göttfert
23.07.2019    Gerald Fiebig – trial#1


28.11.2018    Radio 433 Presents - 48 Hours Remote Residency
21.11.2018    Folge Ton #1 w/ Corazón de Robota, Jiyun Park, Stevie J. Sutanto
17.10.2018    SKANA - Sabina Ahn, Dawid Liftinger, Stefan Tiefengraber and Trihars
08.09.2018    0FF8n0FF w/ minim (Diana Dulgheru) & Stefana Fratila
29.01.2018    Mayrhofer Sarcaul Schörkhuber Tiefengraber Voglsinger


09.08.2017    LNZ radio433 presents Soundart from Linz
02.05.2017    Wolfgang Spahn, Gabriela Gordillo


15.11.2016    0FF2noFF

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