The Revo*lotion Allstars are a 6-member DJ and artist collective from the Steyr area in Upper Austria. As different as the individual members may be, they are united by a common passion for electronic music.

Due to the lack of parties in the surrounding area, the first events were organized in the youth culture house Röda. At the beginning, the Re*volt parties were played almost exclusively by local DJs, but they continued to grow and soon national stars such as Elektro Guzzi, Saedi and Gudrun von Laxenburg could be booked. Next to the youth culture house Röda the Kultuverein Böllerbauer turned out to be the 2nd homebase for our projects. On this beautiful spot since 2007 a 2-day festival under the motto "electronic friendship weekend", the Revo*lotion Allstars Festival was organized. The festival is to offer the possibility to maintain old friendships, to make new ones and to spend with each other a nice weekend with varied music. In 2012 it was decided to organize the festival in favor of Ute Bock's refugee project. Due to the excellent cooperation with Ute Bock's team and the success of the festival, a repetition in this form was almost obligatory. 100% of the proceeds of the Bock auf Revo*lotion Allstars Festival will go to the Ute Bock association. So that refugees have a chance, that is the motto of the association and it is more topical than ever. WE TRY FOR MORE RESPECT AND AGAINST EXCLUSION! All artists performed free of charge and make the festival and the support of the association Ute Bock possible in the first place.


Captain Caracho

Gaobot FX

Re*aktiv / ViennaStreetHeart


Luke Fama

Reinhard Reisenzahn

LXFX († 2010)


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08.11.2019    R.A.F., Röda Steyr (OÖ)
09.11.2019    R.A.F., Röda Steyr (OÖ)


30.06.2017    Bock auf R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
01.07.2017    Bock auf R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)


01.07.2016    Bock auf R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
02.07.2016    Bock auf R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)


03.07.2015    Bock auf R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
04.07.2015    Bock auf R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
14.04.2015    Re*volt Reloaded, Röda Steyr (OÖ)


25.07.2014    Bock auf R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
26.07.2014    Bock auf R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)


21.06.2013    Bock auf R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
22.06.2013    Bock auf R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
25.05.2013    Bock auf R.A.F. Preparty, Röda Steyr (OÖ)
10.05.2013    Bock auf Re*volt, Solaris Linz (OÖ)


31.12.2012    Re*volt, Röda Steyr (OÖ)
06.07.2012    Bock auf R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
07.07.2012    Bock auf R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
29.06.2012    Bock auf Re*volt, Solaris Linz (OÖ)
09.06.2012    Bock auf Re*volt, Röda Steyr (OÖ)


31.12.2011    Re*volt, Röda Steyr (OÖ)
02.09.2011    Re*volt, Badeschiff Wien (W)
22.07.2011    Re*volt, Badeschiff Wien (W)
08.07.2011    R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
09.07.2011    R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
10.06.2011    Re*volt, Badeschiff Wien (W)


31.12.2010    Re*volt, Röda Steyr (OÖ)
13.11.2010    Re*volt, Röda Steyr (OÖ)
11.09.2010    Re*volt, Röda Steyr (OÖ)
09.07.2010    R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
10.07.2010    R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
25.06.2010    Grünland Afterhour, Röda Steyr (OÖ)
05.06.2010    Re*volt, Röda Steyr (OÖ)
23.04.2010    Re*volt, Röda Steyr (OÖ)    


31.12.2009    Re*volt, Röda Steyr (OÖ)
18.12.2009    Re*volt, JUZ Micheldorf (OÖ)
10.07.2009    R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
11.07.2009    R.A.F., Böllerbauer Haag (NÖ)
24.04.2009    Re*volt, Röda Steyr (OÖ)


31.12.2008    Re*volt, Röda Steyr (OÖ)
25.10.2008    Re*volt, Röda Steyr (OÖ)


27.10.2007    Coffee&Cream, Röda Steyr (OÖ)
05.01.2007    Coffee&Cream, Röda Steyr (OÖ)

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